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About Monpellets® LLC

MONPELLETS® LLC was established in 2014 and produces premium quality organic fertilizers from 100% raw, unwashed and unprocessed sheep wool in Mongolia with innovative technology.

MONPELLETS LLC was established in 2014 to produce new products in Mongolia, to export new products to the world market, and to process sheep's wool, which is a valuable raw material produced by herders, renewable every year, environmentally friendly as possible. To achieve this goal we has been active for many years and aiming to create and make a real contribution to the implementation of the Law on Organic Food, adopted in 2016 in Mongolia.

Based on the research conducted within the framework of the “ECO-INNOVATION” project co-financed by the European Union and the Government of Germany, in collaboration with scientists from Humboldt University in Germany, “Production of organic fertilizer from sheep wool” was introduced and realized.

Since December 2019, Mongolia became the country to start exporting large quantities of “organic fertilizer from sheep wool”, a brand new product produced by innovative technologies, to the world market for production purposes.

Internationally renomed, headquartered in Switzerland, with branches in Germany and Austria, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, the “FIBL” listed in March 2020, in the category of “organic fertilizer” the „Monpellets“-organic fertilizer from sheep wool, from Mongolia, first time.

“MONPELLETS” LLC joined “ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT” NGO on March 10, 2021 as a “sworn” member.