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Monpellets is FIBL and OMRI certified only fertilizer from Mongolia, that has capacity of 4000 tn per year.

Monpellets, an innovative new export product of animal origin from Mongolia, organic fertilizers, raw materials, soil plants, and environment-friendly products and solutions for sheep's wool.

Mongolian sheep wool organic Fertilizer stands as a critical component for several vital sectors, including environmentally-friendly forest and tree planting, as well as anti-land desertification efforts. In agriculture, it supports the production of value-added, animal-based exports, aligning with light industry development. Mongolia is recognized for its lucrative mining endeavors, yet extensive land degradation demands effective biological rehabilitation, with fertilizer as a pivotal ingredient. The labor sector offers substantial opportunities for skilled shearers, contributing to sustainable employment. Naturally, this impacts the economy and finance sectors positively. Wool-based fertilizer holds the potential to become Mongolia's flagship export, bolstering the nation's revenue in dollars.