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What is Monpellets® - organic fertilizer from sheep wool

Monpellets® is a high quality bio-fertilizer made from 100% Mongolian sheep wool and rich in nutrients such as 10% Nitrogen / 6% Potassium.
The new technology, developed by scientists at Humboldt University in Germany, aims to accelerate the development of organic farming in the European Union, to provide the population with healthy vegetables and fruits, and to create and use better types of fertilizers than traditional organic fertilizers.

Our company purchased this know-how and technology and put into operation a factory in September 2018 with an innovative solution to produce organic fertilizer from sheep wool.
The new product will be used to make sheep's wool organic fertilizer without any additives, fertilize fruits and vegetables, increase yields, provide the population with healthy vegetables, produce environmentally friendly and ecologically clean products, increase herders' incomes, and introduce new products for export. It is important and specific to increase the source.

The production of organic fertilizers from Mongolian sheep, unwashed and dirty wool, and the analysis of product samples in Germany, determined that they belong to the “Premium Quality” category.