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Difference among other organic and mineral fertilizer to Monpellets fertilizer

Difference among other organic and mineral fertilizer to Monpellets fertilizer
Wool fertilizer is a renewable raw material, it is a PERFECT category with pure water and no chemical additives, and it has been proven for more than 10 years that it absorbs 100% of nature in its body by absorbing minerals in its body for 10-14 mont

Monpellets fertilization

Monpellets manure is made from 100% sheep wool, so it is a high quality, nitrogen and potassium rich organic fertilizer. It can be widely used in various plants as it is not harmful to the environment. It is the most suitable fertilizer for eco-farming farms that meet the strict regulations and requirements of the European Union and Germany.

Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are produced mainly from plant and animal raw materials, so they meet the eco-standards and requirements of farming. Organic fertilizers have become popular due to their low environmental impact. However, most organic fertilizers contain 2-4% nitrogen, which makes them less competitive than mineral fertilizers with 13-16% nitrogen.

Mineral fertilization

Mineral fertilizers are high in nitrogen and potassium. However, mineral fertilizers contain heavy metals and substances that have a negative impact on the environment, and in some cases emit high levels of radiation and toxic substances. Nitrogen in fertilizers is often lost before it is absorbed by plants. This can lead to excessive nitrogenization of soil, dirt and groundwater, and contamination with heavy metals, toxic substances and elements. Therefore, the use of mineral fertilizers in eco-farming is prohibited.